What our beef customers have to say:

  • "By the way your beef is excellent."
  • "..(my family) asked where I got our beef. I like it better than stores."
  • "We had never ordered a brisket before, and it was delicious."
  • "I told them your beef was the best I’ve ever gotten!! :-)"
  • "I just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying our beef. It is very very good."
  • "It's the best beef we've ever ordered, and we have been ordering for a lot of years."
  • "You’ve been good to me keeping me in the loop. Your beef trumps the store anytime."
  • "A co-worker butchered one so I got 20-lbs from him. It does not taste anything like yours."
  • "We would be ready for more beef. It's SO good. Loving it! Thanks"

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